What do you think about when you hear April?
If you said green grass and spring peepers…. you obviously don’t live in Canada!

So, I didn’t feel like going out and getting cold and wet.
Instead I made a boxed banana bread…. I don’t normally use boxed things.

I grew up with a mother and grandmother who made everything from scratch…
BUT, I had a coupon for this bread and I wanted to give it a try.
I was low on groceries… so no eggs and I hate using oil… so I used my well aged bananas.

Thankfully, they made the batter MOIST enough to use. It was actually a little too swishy.
I have a lot of bits and pieces in my kitchen that “someone might want” like cereal.
I had about a cup of organic oat cereal, that I had in the cupboard… no one used it hah.

(Note: I am the only one who lives in this house. so all these things I keep that “someone might use, never get used. Why I continue keeping such small amounts, i’ll never know.)

I will say this banana bread does smell like artificial banana.
Like the banana medicine some of us had to take as children, or the little candies.
But, it did raise well and it was really moist…. MOIST.
I had enough batter for a small bread and some muffins. BREAKFAST YAY!

If you plan on buying this product keep in mind:

  1. You should be aware it smells very fake
  2. 3 bananas will work in place of the egg and oil
  3. It is very bland… throw all the extra things you have in your kitchen in the batter
  4. The baking time on the back was actually very right
  5. Make your own from scratch, it will taste better!


That’s all I have for today. Thanks 🙂

How is the weather where you are?


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