I really don’t have any other photos of my little family.
here they are.

RHINO (cat 10-11 y/o)

In 2009 I found Rhino. He was a stray cat in Middleton, Nova Scotia.
I have been taking him with me and really just learning from him.
He has been there for all the good/ bad times.
Rhino was a very aggressive cat, over the years he has become much more loveable .
Pros: good cuddle buddy, cat pet up to 3 times, purrs like no other.
Cons: chews chords, chews zippers, poops in a box…sometimes

FINN (shih tzu  4 1/2 y/o)

I picked finn up from a breeder in December of 2011.
He was only a few weeks old when I first met him.
I think I picked him, out of all of the pups, because he was like me.
He was shy, quiet, didn’t really like attention. I fell in love.
If you want a write up on what a great dog he was, I could write a novel.
But in short, he was fully house trained within 4 months, loved the cat, travelled well and was a great companion. He still is. He is my little angel baby!
Pros: loves to cuddle, quiet, loves to walk, doesn’t bark at other dogs, is content to sleep
Cons: play-fights with cat late at night, is a wimpy baby, jealous over other males

JAZMINE & AUSTIN (9 – 8 y/o adopted pugs)

So, pugs eh.
Yeah, I was not one to turn down these little creatures.
I don’t really know what to tell you about them, I don’t really know much about their past.
They came together, non-separable, from a small dog adoption site.
I guess the family couldn’t/ didn’t want to take them to Europe with them.

These two are seriously the funniest things.
Jazmine will twirl on her bum, legs in the air. Austin suckles blankets.
They are both very nervous about head pats. I don’t know if they had been hit a lot or just unsure. They both love sleep…. like LOVE sleep. Jazzy would rather sleep than go outside or eat. Austin will follow you around and then take a nap.

Austin also seems to have anxiety. He cries when I leave…. he cries when my mom leaves.
(my mom doesn’t even live here)
I don’t know why he is so sad… but when you tell him its okay, he calms down a bit.
They both had awful oral care when I adopted them… still not 100%.
I honestly felt so bad. They are such loving creatures and they were so poorly cared for.
They are comfortable here now and I think they are happy to call my house their home!
Pros: very cuddly, easy to care for, probably the most positive things on the planet
Cons: they snore LOUD, they fart, bark at tv, bark at cars, bark at shadows


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